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Blu | Discografía | Mediafire | 2003-2016 |

Blu aka  Godlee Barnes es un rapero y productor de Los Angeles, California, Estados Unidos. Es un rapper genuino de los que tendrá una proyección importante en un futuro, el álbum Below The Heavens le trajo reconocimiento total.

Jack Spade & Blu - The Bruise Brothers (2003)

01. Let It Rain
02. 2 Long
03. Aint Bout U
04. No Competition (Feat. Caz Kapone)
05. Asphault Grow
06. Brothers
07. Cal A
08. Day By Day
09. Get This Mone
10. That's Life
11. Holla Back
12. That's Me

Blu - A Whole Lot of Soul Partner Vol. 1 (2006)

1.Soul Provider
2.Sun In My Face (Feat. Jontel, J Dilla)
3.Fly (Song of Liberation)
4.The Only Way
5.My World Is Still
6.Another Day
7.Git It Now (Feat. Trek Life)
8.Bout It, Bout It
9.Party of Two
10.Collect, Respect Anna Check
11.Tell You (Feat. Aloe Blacc)
12.Life's A Gamble (Feat. Donel Smokes, Trek Life, Cashius King)
13.Mr.Big Fizz
14.Maintain (Feat. Donel Smokes, Co$$, Jontel)
15.Hold On John

Blu - Lifted EP (2006)

01. Another Day
02. The Narrow Path
03. Soul Provider
04. Party Of Two
05. Soul Amazin' (Steel Blazin')

Blu - Lifted: The C.O.R.E. Mixtape (2006)

1. Pearly Gates
2. Another Day
3. The Soul Provider
4. Party Of Two (Feat. Aloe Blacc)
5. Back To Basic's Hip Hop's Alarm Clock [Wake Up Show Interview May '05]
6. Stress Off The Chest
7. Kool Hercules (Feat. KRS-One)
8. You're Gonna Die (Feat. Exile)
9. Life Is A Gamble (Feat. TrekLife, Donnel Smokes & Cashusking)
10. Sun In My Face

Blu - The Narrow Path (Compilation) (2006)

01 Pearly Gates
02 Another Day
03 Party Of Two (feat. Aloe Blacc)
04 The Soul Provider
05 Back To Basic's Hip Hop's Alarm
06 Stress Off The Chest
07 City Of Los(t) Ang(e)les (feat. Co$$)
08 Fly (Song Of Liberation)
09 It's Okay (feat. Myth & Definite)
10 Top5NLuv (Interlude)
11 Love Don't (feat. Ta'Raach)
12 Bad News Barnes
13 Spanish Winter
14 Life Is A Gamble (feat. Donel Smokes, TrekLife & Ca$hius King)
15 MyBoyBlu
16 Maintain (feat. Donel Smoke, Cas$hius King & Miguel)
17 Sun In My Face (feat. Miguel)

Blu & Exile - Below the Heavens (2007)

01 My World Is...
02 Simply Amazin'
03 Juice N' Dranks Ft. Ta'Raach
04 Cold Hearted Ft. Miguel Jontel
05 Good Life (Show Me) ft Joseph & Aloe Blacc
06 Bu Colla Workers
07 I Am... ft Exile
08 Dancing In The Rain
09 Party of Two
10 No Greater Love
11 The Narrow Path
12 In Remembrance...
13 First Things First Ft. Miguel Jontel
14 Soul Amazin' (Steel Blazin')
15 Life's a Gamble ft Donel Smokes, Trek Life & Cashius King
16 The World Is... ft The KoochieMonstars

Blu & Ta'Raach (C.R.A.C. Knuckles) - The Piece Talks (2008)

1. - What Up (Part 2)
2. - Buy Me Lunch (feat. Noni Limar)
3. - Love Don't
4. - Major Way
5. - Activate 
7. - Respect
8. - Pop Dem Boyz
9. - 2.16.05
10. - Mr. Big Fizz
11. - Chill
12. - Hello!
13. - Go!
14. - Activate...As Well
15. - Bullet Through Me (feat. Shawn Jackson)
16. - Cotton
17. - Credits
18. - Umm Yeah
19. - Ready

Johnson&Jonson - Johnson&Jonson (2008)

01. J & J
02. Up All Night
03. Half A' Knot
04. Mama Told Me
05. The Gusto Room (Feat. Stand Up By Bobo Lamb as Jack Johnson)
06. Wow!
07. The Only Way
08. In The Building (Feat. Vocalist Miguel As Jontel Johnson)
09. Bout It, Bout It (Feat. Raps By Mainframe As Jon Johnson)
10. Spell Check (Feat. Gang Sign Language By Big D Menace)
11. Long Time Gone
12. Still Up All Night (Feat. Co$$ As Troy Johnson)
13. A Perfect Picture
14. Anything Is Possible (Feat. Raps By Randy & Jon Johnson)
15. The Oath
16. Hidden Bonus Track

Johnson&Jonson - Powers&Oils (2008)

2.Get High
3.The Only Way
4.Told Me
5.Go For The Gusto Room (feat. BoBo Lamb)
7.Half a Knot
8.God's In The Building (feat. Miguel Jontel)
9.Bout It Bout It
11.Listen Baby
12.Been Such A Longtime [Interlude]
13.Been Such A Longtime
14.Up All Night
15.Up All Night [Remix] (feat. Cashius King)
16.La La La
17.Hold On John (feat. John Lennon)
20.Nuts Hang (bonus track)
21.Upside Down Cake(bonus track)

DJ Heat & Blu - So(ul) Amazing (2008)

01 – Piece
02 – Git It Now f. Move.Meant & Trek Life
03 – City of Los(t) Ang(e)les f. Co$$
04 – Dope 4 Gold f. Blu
05 – Spanish Winter
06 – My Boy Blu
07 It’s Ok (Part One) f. Myth & Definite
08 – Local Legend
09 – Respect
10 – Sun In My Face f. J Dilla & Jontel
11 – Never Ending f. Flora Purim & Mumbles
12 – Top 5 N Luv (Taking a Little Break)
13 – Hostile Gospel (rmx) f. Joell Ortiz & Talib Kweli
14 – Bad News Barnes
15 - Stoopid (A Day Late A Dollar Short f. Sene
16 – Mars (rmx)
17 – Fly (Song of Liberation)
18 – Maintain f. Donel Smokes, Co$$ & Jontel

DJ Heat & Blu - So(ul) Amazing (Part 2) (2009)

01. Wake Up
04. The Classy Man
05. We Got You
06. I'm Gonna Need You
07. Change (Ya World)
08. Lear Jet (Feat. Folk & Stress)
09. On Mars (Feat. Sene)
10. Vibrate (Feat. Dela)
12. All The Kings Men (Feat. Tiron)
13. Gone
15. Baby Don't Leave Me Now (Feat. Mainframe)
16. Angelic (Feat. Co$$)
17.  Nuts Hang
18. Hard Times (Feat. DJ Cadik)
19. Mars (Original)

DJ Heat & Blu - So(ul) Amazing Three (2009)

01-Til We Die
02-JB's (Gone)
04-Love Line(s)
05-Old Souls Ft The Grouch & Eligh
06-A Song Called Triumph Ft Big Tone
07-Morgan Blu Ft Tania Morgan
09-GNG BNG Ft Flying Lotus
10-Nino Brown
11-Just Relax
12-IFeel Ft Miss JackDavey
14-From The Heart Ft Deep Rooted
15-Untitled (Loved U 2)
16-Laminated Looseleafs Ft MAG
17-Radical 2 (Instrumental)e

Blu - (So)ul Amazing 4 (2009)

01 - Cadalac Steeze feat. Willow
02 - I Don't Rock Parties feat. Ta'Raach & Co$$
03 - Moonlight
04 - True Love Ft. Sene
05 - Girls
06 - Step To This feat. Josh One
07 - King Me
08 - Tell You feat. Exile & Aloe Blacc
09 - La La Land (Ft. Be Young)
10 - Mood Rings (Instrumental)
11 - The Fame feat. Sene
12 - Words Past the Margin
13 - Wednesday (feat. Ta'raach & Blu)
14 - Stadium Ft. Miguel
15 - Rainbow feat. Shenkar
16 - For The Soul feat. Josh One & Mukwenda
17 - When I Dig feat. Kidkanevil & Kissy Asplund
18 - Motive Pt. 2 Ft. Sene & Co$$
19 - Supa Fly (ft. S1 & Inspectah Deck)
20 - Somebody Else (RBX ft  Blu)
21 - Say Say
22 - Wake Up Show Freestyle

Sene & Blu - A Day Late & A Dollar Short (2009)

1. Ain’t No Justice (feat Coss)
2. Cloud Climbers
3. Every Deja Vu
4. EyeCry: The Before
5. EyesDry: The After
6. Jus A Suggestion
7. Owl Thru Gotham
8. Press Pause
9. Quarter Water Supporter
10. Smoke Rose Buds On Ashy Avenue
11. The Wonderers
12. Why Bother?
13. Won Lover
14. Won Thous and Girls

Blu - Open(TheInstrumentalLP) (2009)

01. NoWorries(TheyGonnaLoveUBaby)
02. GoodGrace(LetUsThankHimForThisFood)
03. RAw!(AsHardAsItGets)
04. TheRunAwaySlaveSong
05. LikeEveryDayAintTheSame
06. OpenChopShop(MilkMoneysFirstBeat)
07. LetMeTellU
08. TalkingToMyselfTooOften
09. WeDance(ThoughIWalk,WeUsedToFly)
10. TheLongWindedReverendBarnes
11. FoundAtTheBottomOfTheRainbow
12. SucreForSunshine
13. ThruTheMist
14. ThankU
15. cB4(WBGlow)(Bonus)

Blu - NoSleepForADay (2009)

01. Gold
02. DoIt
03. NumOne
04. Go2Sleep
05. TwoStep
06. Ludie
07. NoMine

Blu - Drop The E (2009)

01 Therapy
02 Vibrate
03 Hard Times
04 Mars
05 Pearly Gates
06 Mars
07 GloryUs
08 Never Again
09 Never Be Another Me
10 Baby Don't Leave Me Now
11 Lovely So Lonely
12 We Got U
13 Nuts Hang
14 Angelic
15 Disco D.Y.N.A.M.I.T.E.
16 The Times

Blu - God Is Good (A Soundtrack to Life) (2010)

01. The innocent
02. Azulito the great
03. Glory us deluxe. (feat l's from glory)
04. Never dream. (pro. by exile)
05. The gods & me.
06. Grandma's kitchen.
07. Difficulties. (feat. cashus king & fam rep)
08. Spanish winter.
09. Be go(o)d! (feat sene)
10. The run out.
11. Its okay! (feat definite & myth)
12. On mars with the stars. (feat sene)
13. Smoking @ 6'n the mo'. (by cashus king)
14. City of los(t) angel(e)s. (feat cashus king)
15. All the king's men. (feat tiron)
16. A world gone blind. (feat cashus king)
17. Mello sunshine.
18. 'Til we die.
19. Crown.
20. Outro (open mind dead).
21. (The bonus song) my boy blu!
22. Benevolent offering & benediction.

Blu - ParieArtNommee (2010)

01. theOne
02. CantLetGo
03. WinterWine
04. Chasin’Doves
05. BlackHome

Blu - Intoblu EP (2010)

1. Smoke
2. Tell You (Feat - Aloe Blacc)
3. Old Souls (Feat - The Grouch & Eligh)
4.Therapy (Feat - Talib Kweli, Evidence & Kid CuDI)
5. Fly
6. Morganblu (Feat - Tanya Morgan)
7. The Times (Feat - Fortlive & Nino Moschella)
8. Wonder Why (Feat - Blame One)
9. Maintain (Feat - Cashius King, Donel Smokes & Jontel)
10. Git It Now (Feat - Move.ment & Trek Life)

Blu - theGODleeBarnes(lp) (2010)

01 TheInnocent
02 AzulitoTheGreat
03 GloryUsDelux f. L’s (of A Band Called Glory)
04 NeverDream (prod. Exile)
05 TheGODs&Me
06 GrandmasKitchen
07 Difficulties f. Co$$
08 SpanishWinte
09 BeGO(o)D! f. Sene
10 TheRunOut(erlude)
11 ItsOkay f. Definite & Myth (of Strange Fruit Project)
12 OnMarsWithTheStars (Co$$)
13 Smoking@6InTheMo f. Co$$
14 CityOfLosAngel(e)s f. Co$$
15 AllTheKingsMen f. TiRon
16 AWorldGoneBlind f. Co$$
17 MelloSunshine
18 TilWeDie
19 Crowns
20 Outro(OpenMindDead) (Miguel Jontel)
21 (TheBonusSong)MyBoyBlu
22 BenevolentOffering&Benediction

Blu - (So)ul Amazing 5 (2011)

2-All Fall Down
3-Scaredy Cats
4-In Ft. Homeboy Sandman & Freddie Gibbs
5-Eatfish w Gonjasufi
8-Avenge of the Cheap Ass Ft. Sene
9-Steel Remains (Raw)
10-My World Is Still
13-LA Blaze (ft. Uncle Imani & Luckyiam)
14-Invocate Freestyle
15-TakeItEZ Ft. Aaron Smarter
17-How Do You Sleep Ft. Sene
18-The Richers ft Blu  Asher Roth
19-backboards. ft. sene
20-Cream Sweaters Ft. J.Mitchell
21-fuck a lunchpail

Blu - NoYork! (2011)

1. Doin nothin (feat u god)
2. Wverything ok (feat jack davey)
3. Never be the same (feat sa-ra & nola darling)
4. Above crenshaw (feat cashus king)
5. Slngbngrs!
6. Soupa (feat suziana louge)
7. Hours
8. Annie hall (feat chop, cherry pop & tiombe lockhart)
9. Tags (feat exile)
10. Spring winter summer fall (feat jimetta rose)
11. Down to earth (feat donel smokes, definite mass & dubble oh)
12. My sunshine (feat nia andrews)
13. Jazmine (feat andy allo)
14. Jazzmen
15. Ronald morgan (feat edan)
16. Keep ush inn
17. Doin something (feat el prez , pac div , uni , jdavey, tiron & ayo mari)

Blu - Her Favorite Colo(u)r (2011)

1. Love
2. Amnesia
3. Since
4. Morning
5. Melo
6. Wind(terlude)
7. When(terlude)
8. Silent
9. Pardon
10. Vanity
11. Beggars’/BlackGold
12. Celln’Ls
13. Untitled(LovedU)2
14. Peace

Blu - Jesus (2011)

1. n e w s h i t .
2. w h a t i f i w a s
3. o n t h e p o r c h
4. l u c k y .
5. d m v
6. b u r g a n d y
7. 4 u
8. d o o w h o p +
9. b i r d z n b ee z
10. j e s u s
11. d o t h e k n x w l e d g e

Blu - Open (2011)

01. Point Blank (Feat. JustLee)
02. Good Gracious (Feat. Da1)
03. Steel Remains (Raw)
04. Gotta Be Free (Feat. Aaron Smartz)
05. Taking The Day Off (Feat. ScienZe & Versis)
06. Part Time Suckas (Feat. Chop & Fresh Daily)
07. Avenge Of The Cheap Ass (Feat. Sene)
08. Remember Me (Feat. D Tail & Definite)
09. The Dance (Feat. Tribe Of Levi)
10. Ooh Child (Feat. Ms Guiterrez)
11. The Bottom (Feat. Micah)
12. Brown Sucre (Instrolude) (Feat. Esmeralda Starlett)
13. The End
14. Twenty Seven (Feat. SouthBroad)

Blu - And If You See The E Drop 'Em (2011)

01. Seasons
02. Surrender
03. Get Choze f. Mr. Brady & Diamond D
04. Pour Another Glass
05. SLNGBNGrs!
06. Hi(gh) Music
07. Cringe f. Pac Div
08. DreamLand f. Andy Allo
09. Life Of A Lover f. Theophilus London & Jesse Boykins III
10. Wonder Why f. Blame One & Exile
11. Merci Me Lord f. Ta’Raach
12. Jazz (Tribute Remix)
13. Sour Patch Kids (Remix) f. Asher Roth & Talib Kweli
14. Razor Blades
15. Steel Remains
16. So Perfect
17. KeepItGoing f. U-God
18. Excuse Me (Make Room) f. Mic Holden

Blu - The Norman Rockwell (Beat Tape) (2011)

01. In The Sky
02. Gasoline (In The City) Pt. 1
03. Earth Guits Love
04. Free Your Mind
05. Killafornia Freestyle
06. In The City Pt. 2
07. In The Clear feat. Cashus King (aka Co$$)
08. Hash Oil Blunt
09. Cell n L’s (Inst)
10. O Yellow
11. Moor Crips Interlude

DJ Gman & Blu - The Almost Lost Tape (2011)

01. All Fall Down
02. Scaredy Cats

Blu - The Greatest Guest Features Collection (2011)

Disc 1:

01. This Is Your Life feat. MED (Prod. Exile)
02. WhatUWanna feat. Dela
03. Cadalac Steeze feat. Willow
04. Dreamland feat. Andy Allo
05. Fly (Song of Liberation) feat. Exile
06. Mars (Remix) feat. Dela
07. Radio Daze feat. The Roots, Dice Raw
08. Smoke feat. J Dilla
09. LoveLine(s) feat. Exile
10. A Song Called Triumph feat. Big Tone
11. From The Heart feat. Deep Rooted
12. Never Ending feat. Mumbles
13. Lamenated Looseleafs feat. MAG
14. GNG BNG feat. Flying Lotus
15. How Do You Sleep feat. Recess
16. Party of Two feat. Exile
17. The Richers feat. TiRon & Asher Roth
18. Through The Flames feat. Co$$
19. Dope 4 Gold feat. Sene
20. Hi(gh) Music feat. Shingo Suzuki

Disc 2:

01. Maintain feat. Exile, Donel Smoke, Co$$ & Miguel
02. Samsonite Man feat. Fashawn
03. True Love feat. Sene & Chief
04. Pour Another Glass feat. Presto
05. Lucy’s&LooseLeafs feat. Dela
06. Born Again feat. Co$$ & Sene
07. Therapy feat. The Alchemist, Evidence, KiD CuDi
08. The Day feat. The Roots, Phonte, Patty Crash
09. Piece feat. Choice37
10. Git It Now feat. Trek Life
11. Hostile Gospel (Remix) feat. Joell Ortiz & Talib Kweli
12. Morgan Blu feat. Tanya Morgan
13. Life Of A Lover (Remix) feat. Theophilus London, Jesse Boykins III
14. Just Relax feat. Noah
15. Hard Times feat. DJ Cadik
16. For Whom The Bell Tolls feat. Phonte, Evidence & will.i.am
17. Step To This feat. Josh One
18. Still Remains feat. Waxolutionists
19. The Times feat. Keelay & Zaire, Fortlive, Nino Moschella

Disc 3:

01. Mars feat. Dela
02. Get Choze feat. Mr. Brady, Diamond D
03. iFeel feat. Miss Jack Davey
04. 2 Long feat. Jack Spade
05. Jazz (ATCQ Tribute) feat. J. Period
06. When I Dig feat. Kidkanevil & Kissey Asplund
07. Vibrate feat. Dela
08. So Perfect feat. Exile
09. L.A. Blaze feat. Uncle Imani and Luckyiam
10. Nino Brown (Prod. by RZA)
11. In feat. Freddie Gibbs & Homeboy Sandman
12. Lamenated Looseleafs (Small Professor Remix) feat. MAG
13. Aint Bout U feat. Jack Spade
14. Wednesday feat. Ta’Raach & Budamunky
15. We Beamin’ (Remix) feat. Lupe Fiasco & All City Chess Club
16. The Fame feat. Sene
17. Angelic feat. Co$$
18. Soul Provider feat. Exile
19. King Me feat. Chief and Sene
20. Brothers feat. Jack Spade

Disc 4:

01. Day by Day feat. Jack Spade
02. Disco D.Y.N.A.M.I.T.E. feat. Mainframe
03. Merci Me Lord feat. Ta’Raach
04. Supa Fly feat. S1 & Inspectah Deck
05. Robots (Remy LBO Remix) feat. Bilal
06. Awake In A Dream feat. Catch Lungs
07. Sour Patch Kids (Remix) feat. Asher Roth and Talib Kweli
08. Rainbow feat. Shenkar
09. For The Soul feat. Josh One & Mukwenda
10. I Dont Rock Parties feat. Ta’raach & Co$$
11. Surrender feat. Sepalot
12. Old Souls feat. The Grouch & Eligh (Prod. Flying Lotus)
13. Motive Pt. 2 feat. Sene and Co$$
14. Wonder Why feat. Blame One & Exile
15. Tell You feat. Exile & Aloe Blacc
16. Lear Jet feat. Folk & Stress
17. Excuse Me (Make Room) [Abridged]
18. Words Past The Margin feat. Jesse Abraham
19. Cringe feat. Pac Div
20. Wake Up Show Freestyle

CD 1 & 2

CD 3 & 4

Blu & Madlib - UCLA (2012)

1 Mad meets blu
2 Fully crack
3 Caifornia bears
4 Funky cowboy meets the funky drummer
5 Burgandy whip (w med & jimetta rose)
6 What u c (w med & jack spade)
7 Ez
8 Call my nga ( ft. Bub Watts, swheatpee, & lil stoney)
9 Fo figa rings
10 We got it! (w co$$)
11 Play w love
12 Giv m up
13 Interlude
14 Cut up

Johnson&Jonson - Up For Adoption, The Rare Babies (2012)

01 RockSt.Park
02 Kinda Dusty (Familiar Verses & WhatKnot)
03 Kinda Dusty (Instrumental)
04 GoodVibes
05 Baby Don't Leave Me Now
06 La La Land (feat. Be Young)

Blu & Exile - Maybe One Day (2012)

01 – Maybe One Day (feat. Black Spade)
02 – I Am Jean
03 – Cent From Heaven
04 – A Man
05 – Maybe One Day (Instrumental)
06 – I Am Jean (Instrumental)

Blu & Exile - Give Me My Flowers While I Can Smell Them (2012)

01. A Letter
02. Ease Your Mind
03. Maybe One Day (feat. Black Spade)
04. I Am Jean
05. O Heaven
06. More Out Of Life (feat. Jasmine Mitchell)
07. The Only One (feat. Jimetta Rose)
08. Money
09. Mask Your Soul
10. Good Morning Neighbor
11. Growing Pains (feat. Johaz (of Dag Savage) & Fashawn)
12. Don’t Be Jelly
13. Berries & Juices
14. The Great Escape (feat. Homeboy Sandman & ADAD)
15. Seasons
16. A Man
17. Cent From Heaven 

Blu - (So)ul Amazing 6 (2013)

1-The Clean Hand
4-This is Your Life (Gee-Mix)
7-When Nothing's Left Ft. Exile
8-Be Chill
9-Oh, Ox (Johnson&Jonson)
10-split the seconds (mega trife & nonsense) (New)
12-Colours Ft. Big Tone
13-Kiss the Sky _feat. Mela Machinko
14-Robots (Remy LBO Remix Ft. Blu)
15-Comfy In The Truck
18-Thelonius King feat. R.A. The Rugged Man & Tristate
19-Heroin Ft. Co$$
20-The Fundamentals
21-Questions Ft. Arima Ederra
22-killafornia freestyle
23-Lemonade (Instrumental)

MED, Blu & Madlib - The Burgundy EP (2013)

01 Burgundy Whip f. Jimetta Rose
02 The Arrangement
03 This is Your Life (Gee-Mix)
04 Burgundy Whip (Instrumental)
05 Burgundy Whip (Acapella)
06 Belly Full f. Black Spade
07 This is Your Life (Gee-Mix Instrumental) 
08 Belly Full (Instrumental)
09 Belly Full (Acapella)

Blu & Nottz - Gods in the Spirit EP (2013)

01 Boyz II Men (feat. Nitty Scott MC)
02 Creme of the Crop (feat. Versis & Scienze)
03 Crooks in Castles (feat. Anth’m, Homeboy Sandman, Sene & Johaz)
04 End of the World (feat. Rashad)
05 God Shit (feat. Aloe Blacc, Co$$ & Definite Mass)
06 End of the World (Remix)

Blu & Cookbook - YES (2013)

01.Popeye (featuring Pigeon John)
03.Soul Baby
04.We Swear (featuring Frank Nitty)
06.Blood Suckin’ Freaks (featuring Playdough)
07.Cali G’s
08.That’s All Folks!

Blu - (So)ul Amazing 7 (2014)

1-The Meeting
3-Alone feat. Blu
4-Cafe Lover
5-Shower & Shave
6-Be Yourself Ft. Shuko
7-Illest In Charge
8-Jone's Ft. MED
9-Ride Home
10-Stay Still
12-Charlie Brown  Feat. ScienZe
13-Come Back Ft. ScienZe
14-My Hoe Ft. Evidence and Reks
16-Ring the Alarm Ft. ScienZe
17-I Just Wanna Be There
20-Yellow and Blue
21-The Last Stop ft. Blu

Blu - Good to Be Home (2014)

Disc 1
01. Home
02. The Return
03. Back Home Again
04. Boyz N The Hood (ft. Fashawn, Like and BeYoung from Pac Div)
05. Whip Creme (Part One) (ft. Definite, Big Dame, Co$$, and Swt Pea)
06. The West
07. The 50z
08. The LA (ft. Secret Service Agents)
09. Summer Time (ft. Bombay and Arima Ederra)
10. The Summer / (bonus) Angel Dust (ft. LMNO and 2Mex and Imani)

Disc 2
01. Rap Dope
02. Dre Day
03. Red & Gold (ft. Prodigy, Mitchy Slick and Phil Da Agony)
04. Child Support
05. Well Fare (ft. Thurz and Casey Veggies)
06. He Man
07. Brown Sugar (ft. MED and Oh No)
08. Bobby Brown (ft. Clutch, Mic Holden, and Definite)
09. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (ft. Alchemist, Evidence, Tristate, Planet Asia, Donel Smokes, Chace Infinite, and Krondon)
10. The West (Part Two)

Blu - Soul Amazing (Part One) (2014)

01. Folklorico Dancing (Glory featuring San Pedro Zoo)
02. Take Heed (Animus Vibe)
03. Enough To Pass Around (Cal Logic featuring Indiginuz & Blu)
04. Interlude (Science Project featuring Blu)
05. Wake Up Show Freestyle
06. Cross The Line (RBX featuring Blu & Co$$)
07. Somebody Else (RBX featuring Blu)
08. Soul Provider (Exile featuring Blu)
09. Step To This (Osh One featuring Blu)
10. Move pt 2 (Daz-I-Que featuring Blu & Jontel)
11. Move (Daz-I-Que featuring Andrea Clarke, Jontel & Blu)
12. Nuts Hang (Mainframe featuring Blu)
13. F#@kin’ Around (Ta’raach featuring Blu)
14. I Dont Rock Parties (Ta’raach featuring Blu & Co$$)
15. Merci Me Lord (Ta’raach featuring Blu)
16. Tell You (Exile featuring Aloe Blacc & Blu)
17. Maintain (Exile featuring Blu, Co$$, Donel Smokes & Miguel)
18. Fly (Exile featuring Blu)
19. Never Ending.. (Mumbles featuring Flora Purim & Blu)
20. Cadillac Steez (Bobby Johnson)
21. Dope 4 Gold Rope (Sene featuring Blu)
22. Git It Now (Move.Meant featuring Blu & Trek Life)
23. Pour Another Glass (Presto featuring Blu)
24. Mars (Dela featuring Blu)
25. Vibrate (Dela featuring Blu)
26. Piece (Choice 37 featuring Blu)
27. High Music (Shingo Suzuki featuring Blu)
28. Still Remains (Waxolutionists featuring Blu)
29. King Me (Sene & Chief featuring Blu)
30. Lea Jet (Folk & Stress featuring Blu)
31. True Love (Chief featuring Sene & Blu)
32. Just Relax (Naoh featuring Blu)
33. Jose Canseco (Esemdee featuring Blu)
34. Rainbow (Shenkar Shankar featuring Blu)
35. Moonlight (The Politik featuring Blu)
36. When I Dig (Kid Kanevil featuring Kissy Asplaund & Blu)
37. Surrender (Sepalot featuring Blu)
38. Hard Times (Cadik featuring Blu)
39. The Times (Keelay & Zaire featuring Blu, Fertilize & Nino Moschella)
40. Hostile Gospel (Remix) (Talib Kweli featuring Joel Ortiz, Nina Star & Blu)
41. For Whom The Bells Toll (Evidence featuring Will.I.Am, Phonte & Blu)
42. Lamenated Looseleafs (Magr featuring Blu)
43. Lamenated Looseleafs (Small Pro Remix) (Magr featuring Blu)
44. Morgan Blu (Tanya Morgan featuring Blu)

Blu - Soul Amazing (Part Two) (2014)

01. Intro
02. Triumph (Big Tone featuring Blu)
03. Your Life (MED featuring Blu)
04. Angelic (Co$$ featuring Blu)
05. From The Heart (Deep Rooted featuring Blu)
06. Motive pt. Duex (Sene featuring Blu & Co$$)
07. Sour Patch Kids (Remix) (AsherRroth featuring Talib Kweli, Travis Barker & Blu)
08. Supa Fly (s1 featuring Inspectah Deck, Blu & Chuck Sly)
09. Green Green (Mestizo featuring Blu & Reid)
10. D.I.S.C.O. Dynamite (Mainframe featuring Blu)
11. Excuse Me (Make Room) (Mic Holden featuring Blu)
12. In (The Clubhouse featuring Homeboy Sandman, Blu & Freddie Gibbs)
13. Cringe (Pac Div featuring Blu)
14. Robots (Bilal featuring Blu)
15. Jazz pt. 2 (Tribute remix) (J. Period featuring Blu)
16. Life Of A Lover (Remix) (Theophilus London featuring Blu)
17. Wednesday (Budamunky featuring C.R.A.C.)
18. Love Line (Exile featuring Blu)
19. Dreamland (Andy Allo featuring Blu)
20. IFeel (L.A.U.S.D. featuring Jack Davey & Blu)
21. Get Chose (Mr. Brady featuring Diamond D & Blu)
22. Girls (Hezekiah featuring T3 & Blu)
23. Old Souls (Grouch & Eligh featuring Blu)
24. Samsonite Man (Fashawn featuring Blu)
25. Therapy (Alchemist featuring Blu, Evidence, Kid Cudi & Talib Kweli)
26. Smoke (J Dilla featuring Blu)
27. The Day (The Roots featuring Blu, Phonte & Patty Crash)
28. Radio Daze (The Roots featuring Blu, Dice Raw & P.O.R.N.)
29. How Do You Sleep (Recess featuring Blu)
30. The Richers (Tiron featuring Asher Roth & Blu)
31. We Beamin’ (Remix) (Lupe Fiasco featuring All City Chess Club)
32. Piranhas*** (9th Wonder featuring Blu, Sene & Definite)
33. Colours*** (Big Tone featuring Blu)

Blu - Soul Amazing (Part Three) (2014)

01 – Invocate (J.Period Featuring Blu)
02 – Cream Sweaters (Blu Featuring J. Mitchell)
03 – Kiss The Sky (Blu Featuring Mela Machinko)
04 – Illest In Charge (Klaus Layer Featuring Blu)
05 – Come Back (Klaus Layer Featuring Scienze & Blu)
06 – The Fundamentalist (K-Def Featuring Blu & Quartermaine)
07 – The Meeting (K-Def Featuring Blu)
08 – Backboards (Sene Featuring Blu)
09 – Ring The Alarm (Science Featuring Blu)
10 – Happiness Is (Scienze & King I Divine Featuring Sene & Blu)
11 – Charlie Brown (Scienze Featuring Blu)
12 – Could It Be (Co$$ Featuring Blu, Sene & Denmark Vessey)
13 – Through The Flames (Co$$ Featuring Blu)
14 – Heroin (Co$$ Featuring Blu & Kemitz)
15 – Yellow & Blue (Psymun Remix) (Mhz Legacy Featuring Blu &
16 – Lamp Post & Neon Lights (Professor P & Dj Akilles Featuring Blu)
17 – Shower & Shave (Timothy Rhyme & Phil The Pain Featuring Blu & Micxsic)
18 – Split The Seconds (Mega Trife & Nonsense Featuring Blu)
19 – L.A. Blaze (Uncle Imani Featuring Luckyiam & Blu)
20 – Cross Trainers (Pac Div Featuring Blu & Kendrick Lamar)
21 – Words Past The Margin (Jesse Abraham Featuring Blu)
22 – Styllions (Roc C Featuring Rapper Big Pooh & Blu)
23 – Let It Go (Slum Village Featuring Blu)
24 – My Hoe (Statik Selektah Featuring Blu, Evidence & Reeks)
25 – Paid (14kt Featuring Blu)
26 – I Just Wanna Be There (Realm Reality Featuring Blu)
27 – Misunderstood (Danny! Featuring Blu & Lil B)
28 – Sinnaman (Xlsrebelsx Featuring Blu)
29 – Insurance (Asher Roth Featuring Zz Ward, Rockie Fresh & Blu)
30 – Questions (Arima Ederra Featuring Blu)
31 – Stay Still (Ray West Featuring Blu & Dave Dar)
32 – Ride Home (Ray West Featuring Blu)
33 – Alone (L’orange Featuring Blu)
34 – Draggin Breff (Knxwledge Featuring Blu)
35 – Notthesame (Knxwledge Featuring Blu)
36 – Timejuss (Knxwledge & Blu)
37 – We Will Make It (P.R Featuring Blu & Cise Star)
38 – Church West Texas (M.I & Tyler Keyes Featuring Blu)
39 – The Last Stop (Fa+E Featuring Blu)

Blu - h e r f a v o r i t e s h i t: the mini lo fi adventures of your imaginary friend's (2014)

Art by Fred Lozano

01 d o n' t   w a i t   ( t h e   s a p h i r e   w e e k e n d   r e m i x )
02 h e a v y   g h e t t o
03 r e t u r n t h e r e c o r d( y o i t _ s t h e r e t u r n )
04 d o y o u l o v e m e  ( d e m i m o o r e m i x )
05 d o   y o u   l o v e   m e
06 d e   t h e r e
07 s a m e   o _   b e a t
08 s t r a i g h t   f r o m   c o u r t (Nowhere)
09 a t l a n t i s
10 d o   r o c k   s t e a d y
11 p   s   a (The Revolution)
12 c o u n t r y   b r e a d (Bread  & Doe)
13 m y    m p c   2 0 0 0   X L  ( t h i s   m o f o )
14 w o r l d   g o   r o u n d
15 a t t a c k   o f   t h e   w i f i   m a n
16 r o x a n n e   s h a n t e  x   t h e   p o l i c e (Roxanne, Roxanne)
17 a f t e r   t h e s e   m e s s a g e s
18 c h i c k e n   &   g r a v y (All Gravy)
19 t h e   b l a c k   t a p e (blow up ya box)
20 e n d   o f   t h e   s u m m e r
21 w o o d y   a l l e n
22 y o u   s u c k   !
23 n i g h t   t u n e s (good night)
24 a l l   m y   l i f e
25 o d e (the time machine)
26 t h e   s h a k e   d o w n
27 f a v   h e r   m o n i c a
28 t h e   y e a h   y e a h  y e a h s
29 w o r l d   w a r   I I (the ghetto opera)
30 s t r a i g h t   f r o m   c o u r t (i l l i e n   r o s e w e l l ,   i n t a l e k  &   j e r e d   s a n d e r s )
31 t h e   f i l t h y
32 m o r e   i l l a (Intro)
33 u p   &   u p
34 t h e   f r o n t s
35 c a l i   r o l l i n
36 p o u r   o u t   a   l i l   l i q u o r
37 t o   t h e   c i t y
38 c o w b o y s  &   g i r l s
39 m y   b e a t   m a c h i n e
40 F a v o (l u c k y  i n s t r u m e n t a l)
41 m a k i n g   h i s t o r y
42 t h e   i l l a
43 g r o w   u p
44 t h e   h o o k e r _ s   h o o k
45 w e e k e n d   c u d d l e (cuddle song)
46 n i k k i   m i n a j
47 t r y n a  f i n d  i t
48 R o l l  A n o t h e r
49 d a  d u n  d u n
50 o l e   t o w n   b r e w (TakeYourTime)
51 p l a y i n g   h e a r t   b e a t s
52 b l a c   n e g u s   _ p r e s i d e n t e _
53 t h e   c o l o r   o f   f a l l
54 t h e   m a c h i n e
55 i m   b o r e d ,   c o m e   o v e r (the earth bopped rock)
56 t h e   p i l l
57 t e r m i n a t o r   x   c l a n   p o s s e
58 t h e   h o r r o r   b u l l
59 e a s t s i d e
60 i   w a s   o n e
61 a m o   e r b a c c i a
62 m y   m a n   n   e m
63 m o r n i n g   b l i n d s (only you)
64 u p   u p , t h e r e
65 b l a c k   b l a c k
66 t h e   t e r r o r   b u l l (red bull)
67 t h e   s t u b b o r n  o l d   m u l e
68 h o w   t o   d r e a m
69 b l a c k   p o w e r
70 b r o k e n   g l a s s   e v e r y w h e r e (RingABell)
71 g o o d   t i m e s
72 t h e   g r e a t e s t   b e a t   o f   a l l   t i m e (Rock The Bells)
73 y o u _ r e   t h e   o n e
74 l u c i l l e   b a l l ( t h e   r e p e r c u s s i o n s  o f   j a c k i n g   o f f )
75 a n o t h e r   h i t   ! !   y e a h   ! ! (GaryColeman)
76 j u n g l e   t r a f f i c
77 c i v i l i z e d   t u r n   u p
78 g u m (FloralKiss.)
79 r a d i o   h e a v e n (tune in)
80 t h e   h u s t l e (the hussle hussle)
81 p o w e r
82 s h e  f e l l  i n  a  w e l l (the shook one)
83 p o e t   ( i n s t )
84 n o   m a t t e r   w h a t
85 g r e e n   e y e s
86 j u s t   a   t h o u g h t
87 p a n i c   p a n i c   ! ! !
88 b l o w   i t   a w a y
89 d o   r o c k   s t e a d y
90 l u n c h   m o n e y
92 m i d n i g h t   r a i n
93 Drive
94 l i l   b i t   o f   h e a v e n (just for you)
95 w e   r   u   ( i n t e r l u d e )
96 c a d i l l a c

Blu - Soul Amazing (Part Five) (The Alchemist Edition) (2015)

01. Cobb
02. Palisades (Feat. Big Twin, Killa Kali & Planet Asia)
03. Yacht Rock Side B (Feat. Big Twin & Chuck Inglish)
04. Camp Registration (Feat. Evidence, Action Bronson & Domo Genesis)
05. Thelonius King (Feat. R.A. The Rugged Man & Tristate)
06. Spudnik Webb Master (Feat. Durag Dynasty)
07. Tomorrow (Feat. Step Brothers & Rakaa Iriscience)
08. The G Code (Feat. Action Bronson & Domo Genesis)
09. Gallon Of Henny (Feat. Killa Kali)
10. Everyday Is Xmas (Feat. Planet Asia & Tristate)
11. Cut The Check (Feat. Roc Marciano & Quelle Chris)

Blu - $100 Dollar Beats (2015)

01. Fav Her Monica
02. My Lil Monster
03. Money In L.A.
04. The New Bop
05. Bad Girl
06. Durango
07. So Much To Do Today
08. Dinner Receipt
09. The Biiz
10. Real Steel
11. The Monkey Suit
12. What ?
13. Blue Clinton
14. You Suck !
15. Count Sleep
16. Blow Up Ya Box
17. Pour Out A Lil Liquor
18. A Revlon Commercial (Extended)
19. Red Bull
20. Colors You Never Seen

Blu - $200 Dollar Beats (2015)

01. The Fronts
02. Lunch Money
03. Cali Funk
04. Yeah
05. I Never Sleep
06. Jackin' Tacos
07. Walk By
08. Clean Cut
09. Beeper Buddy
10. Eastside
11. I Was One
12. The Machine
13. Moon Dance
14. Raw Phone
15. Sugar Grass
16. Same O' Beat
17. Weekend Cuddle
18. Don't Fall Off
19. The Second First Scarface Album
20. And The Viktor Vaughn Beat

MED & Blu - Jewbei Does MED & Blu (Remix EP) (2015)

01. Burgundy Whip feat. Jimetta Rose (Jewbei Remix)
02. Belly Full feat. Black Spade (Jewbei Remix)
03. Peroxide (Jewbei Remix)
04. Burgundy Whip (Jewbei Remix Instrumental)
05. Belly Full (Jewbei Remix Instrumental)
06. Peroxide (Jewbei Remix Instrumental)

MED, Blu & Madlib - Bad Neighbor

1. Greetings
2. Serving (feat. Hodgy Beats)
3. Peroxide (feat. Dam-Funk & DJ Romes)
4. Get Money (feat. Frank Nitt)
5. Streets (feat. Oh No & DJ Romes)
6. The Stroll (feat. AMG)
7. Knock Knock (feat. MF Doom)
8. Mad Neighbor
9. The Strip (feat. Anderson .Paak)
10. Finer Things (feat. Likewise & Phonte)
11. Burgundy Whip (feat. Jimetta Rose)
12. Drive In (feat. Aloe Blacc)
13. Belly Full (feat. Black Spade)
14. Birds
15. The Buzz (feat. Mayer Hawthorne)

Blu & Exile - Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them Instrumentals (2015)

01. A Letter
02. Ease Your Mind
03. Maybe One Day
04. I Am Jean
05. O Heaven
06. More Out of Life
07. The Only One
08. Money
09. Mask Your Soul
10. Good Morning Neighbor
11. Growing Pains
12. Don't Be Jelly
13. Berries and Juices
14. The Great Escape
15. Seasons
16. A Man
17. Cent from Heaven
18. Enough (Bonus Track)

Blu & Nottz - Titans in the Flesh (2016)

01. The Truth feat. Shateish
02. Heaven on Earth
03. Giant Steps feat. Bishop Lamont, Torae, Skyzoo & DJ Revolution
04. To the East
05. The Man feat. Exile
06. Atlantis
07. Atlantis feat. Akie Bermiss (J57 Remix)

Blu & Ray West - Crenshaw Jezebel (2016)

01. Black Coffee (feat. Dave Dar)
02. Let Me (feat. Dave Dar)
03. Gave Her Love Away
04. Sunday Cartoons
05. When U Needed Me (feat. ES-K)
06. Luv For The Hood
07. Midnight Blues
08. Low Riders Ride On
09. Micadelic Furs (AG of DITC, Dave Dar)

Blu & Fate - Open Your Optics To Optimism (2016)

01. Think
02. His Story
03. Otionography ft. Dolphin & Versis
04. Higher (The Cosmos) ft. Cehryl
05. Cosmophobia (Revisited)
06. UFO ft. Choker, ScienZe & Sene
07. Oblivia ft. milo & Open Mike Eagle
08. Thought
09. UFO II ft. Khary & Choker (Bonus)

Blu X Union Analogtronics - Cheetah in the City (2016)

1. LA Counting
2. Whatever
3. Weekends
4. Sleepin’
5. Workin’ (feat. Joro)
6. Sunny
7. French Kiss (feat. Chat)
8. One Two
9. Don’t Trip (feat. Däm Funk)
10. Lynx (feat. Frank N’ Dank & Phat Kat)
11. City Dreams (feat. Olivier DaySoul)
12. Cheetah
13. The Factory (feat. Erik Riko)

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