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Guru | Discografía | Mediafire-Mega | 1993-2013 |

Guru - Jazzmatazz Vol. 1 (1993)

1. Introduction
2. Loungin'
3. When You're Near
4. Transit Ride
5. No Time To Play
6. Down The Backstreets
7. Respectful Dedications
8. Take A Look (At Yourself)
9. Trust Me
10. Slicker Than Most
11. Le Bien, Le Mal
12. Sights In The City

Guru - Jazzmatazz Vol. 2: The New Reality (1995)

1. Light It Up (Intro)/New Reality Style [Jazzalude II]
2. Life Saver
3. Living in This World
4. Looking Through Darkness
5. Watch What You Say [Interview]
6. Defining Purpose [Jazzalude II]
7. For You
8. Medicine [Mental Relaxation]
9. Lost Souls
10. Nobody Knows (The Real Deal)
11. Hip Hop as a Way of Life [Jazzalude III]
12. Respect the Architect
13. Feel the Music
14. Young Ladies
15. The Traveler
16. Maintaining Focus [Jazzalude IV]
17. Count Your Blessings
18. Choice of Weapons
19. Something in the Past
20. Revelation (Alot on My Mind)

Guru's Jazzmatazz Vol. 3: Streetsoul (2000)

1. Intro
2. Keep Your Worries
3. Hustlin' Daze
4. All I Said
5. Certified
6. Plenty
7. Lift Your Fist
8. Guidance
9. Interlude (Brooklyn Skit)
10. Supa Love
11. No More
12. Where's My Ladies?
13. Night Vision
14. Who's There?
15. Mashin' up da World
16. Timeless
17. I Wonder Why - Bonus

Guru - Baldhead Slick & Da Click (2001)

01 Where's Our Money?!
02 Back 2 Back (feat. Mendoughza)
03 Rollin' Dolo (feat. Edo.G, Big Shug, and Krumbsnatcha)
04 No Surviving 
05 Underground Connections (feat. Ice T, and Suspectz)
06 Niggaz Know (feat. Treach, Kaeson, and Gold D)
07 In Here (feat. Timbo King, Killah Priest, and Black Jesus)
08 The Come Up (feat. Kapital Gainz, and Kreem.Com)
09 Cry 
10 O.G. Talk (feat. Tef, and Don Parmazhane)
11 Pimp Shit (feat. Kaeson, and Kreem.Com)
12 Never Ending Saga (feat. Lae D-Trigga and Bless)
13 War Tactics (feat. New Child, James Gotti, and Fatal Hussein)
14 Collecting Props (feat. Killa Kaine, Mr. Moe and Pete Powers)
15 Revolutionist (feat. Squala Orphan, and Blick Street)
16 No Grease (feat. Mendoughza, New Child, and Lae D-Trigga)
17 How You Gonna Be A Killa? (feat. Smitty)
18 Stay Outta My Face (feat. Big Shug, and H.Stax)
19 The Anthem 

Guru - Version 7.0: The Street Scriptures (2005)

1. No Time
2. False Prophets
3. Step In The Arena 2 (I'm Sayin') - (feat. Doo Wop)
4. Don Status - (feat. Styles P)
5. Hood Dreamin
6. Cave In
7. Surviving The Game
8. Hall Of Fame
9. Talk To Me - (feat. Jaguar Wright)
10. Too Dark 2 See
11. Power, Money And Influence - (feat. Jean Grae/Talib Kweli)
12. Kingpin - (feat. Eisvoleas)
13. Fa Keeps
14. Real Life - (feat. B Real)
15. Feed The Hungry
16. Talkin' Loud And Frontin'
17. Open House
18. I Gotta
19. What's My Life Like?

Guru's Jazzmatazz Vol. 4: The Hip Hop Jazz Messenger Back To The Future (2007)

01. Cuz I'm Jazzy (ft. Slum Village)
02. State of Clarity (ft. Common & Bob James)
03. Stand Up [Some Things'll Never Change] (ft. Damian Marley)
04. Look to the Sun [Solar]
05. Connection (ft. Kem)
06. Fine and Free (ft. Vivian Green)
07. Wait on Me (ft. Raheem DeVaughn)
08. International (ft. Bobby Valentino)
09. This is Art (ft. Ronnie Laws)
10. Fly Magnetic (ft. Dionne Farris)
11. The Jazz Style (ft. Omar)
12. Follow the Signs (ft. Shelley Harland)
13. Universal Struggle (ft. Brownman)
14. Infinite (ft. Blackalicious)
15. Kissed the World (ft. Caron Wheeler)
16. Living Legend (ft. David Sanborn)

Guru's Jazzmatazz - The Mixtape Back To The Future (2008)

01. Intro Don Gurizzy 
02. Knowledge (Feat. Lord Tariq) 
03. 7 Grand Yall (Feat. Solar) 
04. For Ya Mind (Feat. Zion I)
05. Peace! (Feat. K-Born, Highpower & Solar) 
06. State Of Clarity (Solar Remix) (Feat. Common) 
07. Who Got It On Lock? (Feat. Doo Wop)
08. B-Boy Kamikaze (Feat. Tony Touch & Doo Wop (Diaz Brothers)) 
09. Too Slick (Feat. Yungun) 
10. So What It Do Now (Feat. Aceyalone) 
11. We Got That (Feat. Nature & Solar) 
12. Jazzy Wayz (7 Grand Exclusive)
13. Stand Up (Some Things'll Never Change) (Reggae Mix) (Feat. Damian Marley) 
14. Hot Like That (Feat. Medinah)
15. No Need For Stress (Feat. Mr. Lif) 
16. Back To The Future (Feat. Caron Wheeler & C.Knowledge (Digable Planets))
17. Assasino (Feat. Young Pablo)
18. The Game Needs Me (Feat. Blue Scholars & Common Market) 
19. Feed The Hungry (Solar Remix) 
20. Can't Stop The Movement (7 Grand) (Feat. Ms. Camille) 

Guru - Guru 8.0 Lost & Found (2009)

01. Lost And Found
02. Fastlane
03. Ride feat.Omar
04. No Gimmick Sht feat. Doo Wop
05. Best of My Yearz
06. Read Between Tha Linez Solar feat. KBorn and Highpower
07. Divine Rule
08. When U Last Expect feat. KBorn and Highpower
09. After Time feat. Solar
10. Those Dayz R Gone
11. Stop Frontin
12. Own Worst Enemy
13. Cee What We Do
14. Love-Hate Thang
15. It's A Shock
16. 6 Ciper feat. KBorn and Highpower
17. 7 Grand, Off Tha Chain

Guru's Jazzmatazz - The Remixes (2010)

01. Livin' In This World (Street Mix By Cutfather & Jo)
02. Feel The Music (Soul Deep Mix)
03. Trust Me (CJ's Master Mix)
04. No Time To Play (CJ's Master Mix)
05. Keep Your Worries feat. Angie Stone (Sweet P Remix)
06. Respect The Architect feat. Ramsey Lewis & Bahamadia (Buckwild Remix)
07. Loungin' (Jazz Not Jazz Mix)
08. Lifesever (By DJ Premier)
09. Watch What You Say (CJ's Extended Club Mix)
10. Livin' In This World (R&B Radio Edit By Cutfather & Jo)
11. Feel The Music (Soul Inside Mix)
12. Lifesaver (Crazy Toones Remix)

Guru - Collaborations and Rarities, Part One (2011)

01 The Production (Interview) (feat. DJ Premier)
02 2 Deep (May We Get a Bit Deeper Mix)
03 Flip the Script (Remix)
04 You Know My Steez (Dobie Remix)
05 Satisfaction (Gang Starr Remix) (feat. Wendy & Lisa)
06 A Little Spice (Gang Starr Remix) (feat. Loose Ends)
07 Season for Change (feat. Ronny Jordan)
08 Listen Here (Guru Remix) (feat. Gene Harris)
09 I Wonder Why (feat. Bobbi Humphrey & Melodie Davis)
10 Bring It On (Remix) (feat. N'Dea Davenport)
11 Picnic In the Summertime (Guru Mix) (feat. Deee-Lite)
12 Do It Any Way You Wanna (It's on You)
13 Sassy (feat. Neneh Cherry)
14 King of Sorrow (Guru Remix) (feat. Sade)
15 Destiny Is Calling (feat. Permanent Revolution)
16 Intelligence (Jazzie II Guru Mix) (feat. Soul II Soul)
17 Free Your Feelings (Gang Starr Remix) (feat. Slam Slam)
18 Be Thankful (Remix) (feat. Omar & Angie Stone)
19 TrДume (feat. Spax)
20 Blvd. (feat. Afu-Ra)
21 What I Am (Gang Starr Remix) (feat. Tin Tin Out & Emma Bunton)
22 I've Committed Murder (Remix) (feat. Macy Gray & Mos Def)
23 Any Given Sunday (feat. Jamie Foxx & Common)
24 Worst Comes to Worst (Remix) (feat. Dilated Peoples & Havoc)
25 Borough Check (feat. Digable Planets)
26 Ex Girl to Next Girl (Remix)
27 B-Boy Mastermind (feat. DJ Krush)
28 Take a Rest (Work, Rest and Play Remix)
29 Feel the Music (Soul Deep Mix)
30 Competition In Fear (feat. Ini Kamoze, Sizzla & Red Roze)
31 Sippin' on Hennessy (New Version) (feat. Rafeese & KaiBee)
32 Le Bien Le Mal (feat. MC Solaar)
33 I've Lost My Ignorance (Gang Starr Remix) (feat. Dream Warriors)
34 Universal (DJ Desue Remix) (feat. D-Flame)
35 Club Banga (feat. Mendoughza)
36 The Way It Iz (feat. KaiBee & Lil Dap)
37 Ahead of the Game (feat. Krumb Snatcha)
38 One 4 Me (feat. Barrington Levy & Jigsy King)
39 Who Goes There (feat. Ini Kamoze)
40 Jazz Thing (feat. The dAKAH Symphonic Hip Hop Orchestra)
41 Karma (High Contrast Remix) (feat. Adam F & Carl Thomas)
42 Junk (feat. Ferry Corsten)
43 The Other Side (feat. Slightly Stoopid)
44 Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) (feat. The Dirty Dozen Brass Band)
45 World of Hate (feat. KaiBee)
46 Do You Know (feat. Me One)
47 Le Tempo (Gang Starr Mix) (feat. MC Solaar)
48 Cool Relax (Remix) (feat. Jon B)
49 All of Me (feat. China)
50 Nights In Harlem (Remix) (feat. Luther Vandross)
51 No More (Live at The Jazz Cafe) (feat. Craig David & Herbie Hancock)
52 DWYCK (Live on In Living Color) (feat. Nice and Smooth)
53 Love Thang (Mic Pro Mix) (feat. Sweet Sable)
54 No Time to Play (CJ Master Mix)
55 It's Alright (Gang Starr Remix) (feat. Lina)
56 Up In Here (feat. G.R.)
57 Lovesick (Upbeat Mix)
58 Espionage (feat. DJ Cam)
59 Choices (feat. N'Dea Davenport & Bobbi Humphrey)
60 Johnny Was (feat. Bob Marley)
61 Stand Up (Some Things'll Never Change) (Bonus Reggae Remix) (feat. Damian Marley)
62 Knowledge of Self (feat. BT)
63 Supreme Being
64 Behold
65 Watch What You Say (CJ Mix)
66 Black Monday (feat. Buckshot LeFonque)
67 Gotch U (Hunter Mix)
68 Check the Technique (Remix)
69 Patti Dooke (feat. De La Soul)
70 Whatever Happened to Gus (Word to the Drums Mix) (feat. MMW)
71 I Win U Lose
72 Espionage (Original Vocal LP Mix) (feat. DJ Cam)
73 Meet Me at the Next Spot (feat. Kreem.com)
74 Theme from MI (Guru Mix)
75 Illest Man
76 What You Expected (Original) (feat. DJ Honda)
77 Karma (John B Remix) (feat. Adam F & Carl Thomas)
78 Cupid's Chokehold (Remix) (feat. Gym Class Heroes)
79 It Don't Mean a Thing (feat. Tashina Daniels)
80 Trust Me (CJ Master Mix) (feat. N'Dea Davenport)
81 Gotta Have You (feat. Hasstyle & Seleena Cerron)
82 Code of the Streets (Kenny Dope Mix)
83 Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot)
84 Livin' In This World (C&J Street Mix)
85 Lifesaver (DJ Premier Remix)

Guru - Collaborations and Rarities, Part Two (2011)

01 IllKid Intro
02 2 Deep (City Lick Mix)
03 Down the Line (feat. Nice and Smooth)
04 DWYCK (Horny Mix) (feat. Nice and Smooth)
05 Gotta Get Over (Large Professor Remix)
06 Hot Shit (feat. Big Daddy Kane, Sadat X & Greg Nice)
07 Weed Scented (feat. A.G. & O.C.)
08 Work (Remix) (feat. Big L)
09 Respect the Architect (Buckwild Remix) (feat. Bahamadia)
10 Credit Is Due
11 The Squeeze
12 No More Mr. Nice Guy (Fed Up Mix)
13 Take a Rest (Take 5 Remix)
14 Doe In Advance
15 Rock Dis Funky Joint Pt. 2
16 You Know My Steez (K. Gee Street Mix)
17 A Buncha Niggas (feat. Heavy D & The Boyz, The Notorious B.I.G., Busta Rhymes, Rob-O & Third Eye)
18 Universal (feat. D-Flame)
19 Talking to Me (feat. Bless)
20 Play That Beat Mr. DJ (feat. DJ Skribbles)
21 NY Niggas
22 Ahead of the Game (DJ Vadim Remix) (feat. Krumb Snatcha)
23 Monster God (feat. Black Jesus)
24 Trilogy of Terror (feat. Afu-Ra & H. Stax)
25 All Real (feat. Bless, Black Jesus & Kreem.com)
26 Espionage (Cutee B Vocal Remix) (feat. DJ Cam)
27 Be Like That (feat. Group Home)
28 Love Thang (Original Mix) (feat. Sweet Sable)
29 To Be a Champion (Champion Vocal)
30 Shoop (Guru's Mix) (feat. Salt-n-Pepa)
31 Watch What You Say (Chucky Remix)
32 Party Hard (feat. The Perceptionists & Camu Tao)
33 Domepiece Freestyle (feat. Skrilla)
34 Future Flavas Freestyle (feat. Ill Kid Records Emcees)
35 Get Familiar Freestyle
36 Shady Records Invasion Freestyle
37 Kay Slay Streetsweepers Freestyle
38 Rite Where U Stand (Live on Conan O'Brien) (feat. Jadakiss)
39 Reality Check (Interview) (feat. DJ Premier)
40 Skills (Live)
41 Full Clip (Live on BBC)
42 Games (feat. Big L & Sadat X)
43 The Ownerz (Remix) (feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & 2Pac)
44 Discontent (feat. Smiley the Ghetto Child)
45 Watucamehere 4 (feat. Downsyde)
46 Son 4 Reason (feat. Lil Dap)
47 The Pressure (feat. Black Jesus)
48 The Natural
49 Take Cover
50 Propaganda
51 Not Tryin' to Hear That (feat. Planet Asia)
52 The Legacy (feat. Group Home)
53 Ladies & Gentlemen
54 No Match (feat. Ambush)
55 So What (feat. Jigmastas)
56 Floor Chalk (Best Reprise) (feat. Blue Sky Black Death & Chief Kamachi)
57 Trust Me (Funk Flex Mix) (feat. N'Dea Davenport)
58 Movin' On
59 The Best (feat. Chief Kamachi)
60 Bare Witness (feat. Choclair)
61 CM Famalam Freestyle (feat. Mendoughza)
62 All 4 The Cash Pt. 2 Freestyle (feat. Black Jesus)
63 What You Expected (feat. DJ Honda)
64 Find Us (Remix) (feat. F.I.L.T.H.E.E. Immigrants, B-Real & Dilated Peoples)
65 Stop Lookin' at Me (feat. Cutthroats)
66 I'm Not Superman
67 Behold (Remix)
68 Don't Start Nothin'
69 Tongue of Terror
70 Major Game
71 Rude Awakening (feat. Smooth B)
72 Unknown Song (feat. D.B.D. & Lil Dap)
73 Conflict (feat. Masta Ace)
74 Espionage (Dynamic Duo Vocal Remix) (feat. DJ Cam)
75 Battle
76 Karma (Come Back Round) (feat. Adam F & Carl Thomas)
77 Revenge (feat. DJ Yutaka)
78 What the Fuck (feat. Doo Wop & Noe Money)
79 No Nonsense (feat. Nefertiti)
80 Trust Me (Mackapella) (feat. N'Dea Davenport)
81 No Time to Play (Mackapella) (feat. Dee C. Lee)
82 For Da Love (feat. EZD)
83 Season for Change (Remix) (feat. Ronny Jordan)
84 Lifesaver (Crazy Toones Remix)
85 Soul

Guru's Jazzmatazz - Feel The Music (2013)

01. Feel the Music (feat. Baybe & Paul Ferguson) 
02. No Time To Play (feat. Ronnie Jordan & D.C. Lee) 
03. Stand Up [Some Things'll Never Change] (feat. Damian Marley) 
04. Plenty (feat. Erykah Badu) 
05. Le Bien, Le Mal (feat. MC Solaar) 
06. Hustlin' Daze (feat. Donell Jones) 
07. Infinite (feat. Blackalicious) 
08. Loungin' (feat. Donald Byrd on trumpet and piano) 
09. The Traveler (feat. Donald Byrd on trumpet) 
10. Night Vision (feat. Isaac Hayes) 
11. Kissed The World (feat. Caron Wheeler) 
12. Looking Through Darkness (feat. Mica Paris) 
13. Timeless (feat. Herbie Hancock) 
14. Lifesaver (feat. Baybe) 
15. Living Legend (feat. David Sanborn) 
16. Take a Look [At Yourself] (with Roy Ayers on vibraphone) 
17. Sights in the City" (feat. Courtney Pine, Carleen Anderson, Simon Law)

Guru - Rare & Unreleased

01. NY Niggas
02. Johnny Was (Remix) feat. Bob Marley
03. Serious Rap Shit feat. Group Home
04. Bare Witness feat. Choclair
05. Monster God feat. Black Jesus
06. I Lost My Ignorance (Remix) feat. Dream Warriors
07. It's Gettin' Hectic feat. Brand New Heavies
08. The Way It Is feat. Kai-Bee & Lil Dap
09. Conflict feat. Masta Ace
10. Take Cover
11. Discontent feat. Smiley The Ghetto Child
12. Club Banga feat. Kereem.com & Mendoughza
13. The Legacy feat. Group Home
14. Destiny Is Calling
15. No Match feat. Ambush
16. Fed Up (Remix) feat. House Of Pain
17. 95 Freestyle
18. Night In Harlem feat. Luther Vandros
19. What You Expected
20. Play The Beat feat. DJ Scribbles
21. Life feat. M.O.P. & Stikken Moov
22. Listen Hear (Remix) feat. Eddie Harris

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