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sábado, 28 de diciembre de 2013

The Weathermen | Discografía | Mega | 2003-2008 |

The Weathermen - The Conspiracy (2003)

01. Intro
02. Copywrite, Yak & Cage "Made You Shit Your Pants"
03. El-P & Camu Tao "Missy Done Justice"
04. Copywrite "10 Times"
05. Jakki, Copywrite & Tame-One "React Shun"
06. Illuminati Guy
07. Cage & Tame-One "What Happen To Dat Toy"
08. Yak "Volume"
09. Copywrite, Jakki & Camu Tao "MHz Over Megahertz"
10. Tame One feat. Breezly Brewin "Slick Talkin"
11. Yak & Camu Tao "Where I Wanna Be"
12. Jakki & Copywrite "Columbus"
13. Cage "Beverly Crabs"
14. Vast Aire feat. Camu Tao "Chris Lighty"
15. Cage feat. Camu Tao "Come To Daddy"
16. Tame-One "Concerto"
17. S.A. Smash "Gangster"
18. Breezly Brewin, Tame-One & Cage "Fried Fish"
19. Weathermen "5 Left In The Clip (RJD2 Remix)"
20. Copywrite, Cage & Yak "Every Rapper In The House Shut The Fuck Up"

The Weathermen - Vampires (2008)

03-lights out 
04-black flowers 
05-presure 03 
06-what it iz 
09-grimace federation 
10-the big picture 
11-the family 
12-leon disgust 
13-the harvest 
14-top of tha world 
16-the new vandals 
17-10 leak commandments 
18-shed your skin 
20-slow down verse

The Weathermen - The Crew

01. The weather report
02. Oh shit
03. The only weathermen song
04. Gut you original
05. Sunday night at moms
06. Mic fight
07. With us
08. Hell sent
09. Lightts outts
10. Hmmmm, brilliant
11. Bubble gum crisis
12. Camu
13. Toto's shit
14. Non fiction
15. Weathermen cypher

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The Weathermen - The Crew
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