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martes, 25 de marzo de 2014

DJ Muggs | Discografía | Mediafire | 1997-2013 |

DJ Muggs - The Soul Assassins Chapter I (1997)

01. The Time Has Come (feat. DJ Muggs)
02. Puppet Master (feat. Dr. Dre and B Real)
03. Decisions, Decisions (feat. Goodie Mob)
04. Third World (feat. RZA & GZA/Genius)
05. Battle of 2001 (feat. Cypress Hill)
06. Devil in a Blue Dress (feat. LA the Darkman)
07. Heavy Weights (feat. MC Eiht)
08. Move Ahead (feat. KRS-One)
09. It Could Happen to You (feat. Mobb Deep)
10. Life Is Tragic (feat. Infamous Mobb)
11. New York Undercover (feat. Call O' Da Wild)
12. John 3:16 (feat. Wyclef Jean)
13. Runnin' Wild

DJ Muggs - The Soul Assassins Chapter II (2000)

01. Real Life (feat. Kool G Rap)
02. We Will Survive (feat. G.O.D. Pt. III)
03. You Better Believe It (feat. Xzibit & King Tee)
04. When The Fat Lady Sings (feat. GZA)
05. This Some'n To (feat. Goodie Mobb)
06. Armageddon (Interlude) (feat. Kurupt)
07. Victory & Defeat (feat. Hostyle)
08. Heart Of The Assassin (feat. Chace Infinite, Krondon, Phenam, Ras Kass)
09. Suckers Are Hidin (feat. Dilated Peoples)
10. When The Pain Inflict (feat. Kurupt & Roscoe)
11. Don't Trip (feat. Cypress Hill)
12. Razor To Your Throat (feat. Everlast)
13. Millenium Thrust (feat. Self-Scientific)
14. Back Up Off Me (feat. Buc50)
15. Hidden Track (feat. GZA)

DJ Muggs - Dust (2003)

01. I Know
02. Rain
03. Niente
04. Morta
05. Faded
06. Shadows
07. Tears
08. Cloudy Days
09. Fat City
10. Believer
11. Gone For Good
12. Blip
13. Dead Flowers
14. Far Away

DJ Muggs & Chace Infinite - The Last Assassin (2004)

01 DJ Muggs - Intro
02 Self Scientific - Jealousy
03 Xzibit & Kenny Knox - Ride & Smoke (Derrty Version)
04 Chace Infinite (feat. Sixx John & Busta Rhymes) - Throw An Elbow
05 B-Real - Bang Out
06 Chace Infinite (feat. Sixx John) - Get Em Up
07 Proof - Wake Up
08 Chace Infinite (feat. Krondon) - Muggs Music
09 Cypress Hill (feat. Prodigy) - Laugh Last
10 Chace Infinite (feat. Xzibit & Krondon) - You Won't Last
11 Chace Infinite (feat. Big Gipp) - 21 Gun Salute
12 Sen Dog (feat. Tego Calderon) - Latin Thug
13 Sixx John - 3 For My
14 Big Pun & Incubus - Big Pun Meets Incubus (DJ Muggs Mashup Mix)

DJ Muggs - Grandmasters [Instrumentals] (2005)

01. Opening (Instrumental)
02. Those That's Bout It (Instrumental)
03. Destruction Of A Guard (Instrumental)
04. Exploitation Of Mistakes (Instrumental)
05. General Principles (Instrumental)
06. Advance Pawns (Instrumental)
07. Queen's Gambit (Instrumental)
08. All In Together Now (Instrumental)
09. Unstoppable Threats (Instrumental)
10. Unprotected Pieces (Instrumental)
11. Illusory Protection (Instrumental)
12. Smothered Mate (Instrumental)

DJ Muggs & DJ Warrior  - Mash Up Radio (Hip Hop vs. Rock) Vol. 1 (2005)

01. Mashupradio.Com & Djwarrior.Biz (intro)
02. Dr. Dre & 2Pac vs. Rage Against the Machine
03. Notorious B.I.G. vs. Joan Jett
04. Outkast vs. Queen
05. Jadakis vs. Muse
06. Jay-Z vs. Sublime
07. Mobb Deep vs. Linkin Park
08. Franz Ferdinand vs. Beastie Boys
09. Nas vs. Led Zeppelin
10. Transplants vs. Kanye West
11. Lloyd Banks vs. Sound Garden
12. Joe Budden vs. Jet
13. LL Cool J vs. Aerosmith
14. Nas vs. Johnny Cash
15. Rick Ruben vs. Beastie Boys
16. Ludacris vs. Disturbed
17. Ying Yang Twins vs. Rage Against the Machine
18. Jay-Z vs. Tool
19. Fabolous vs. Metallica
20. 50 Cent vs. Nirvana
21. Eminem & Dr. Dre vs. Gary Numan
22. 2Pac vs. Jimi Hendrix
23. Kool G Rap vs. Jimi Hendrix
24. Nas vs. Happy Mondays
25. Mobb Deep vs. Rush
26. Rakim vs. Porno for Pyros
27. Xzibit vs. Marilyn Manson

DJ Muggs - Soul Assassins Take Aim (2005)

01. Intro (feat. DJ Muggs)
02. We All Die Someday (DJ Khalil Remix) (feat. Eminem, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Obie Trice & Tony Yayo)
03. New York City (feat. Rakim)
04. Mobbed Out (feat. G.O.D. Pt. 3)
05. Interview Pt. I (feat. GZA)
06. Destruction of a Guard (DJ Khalil Remix) (feat. GZA & DJ Muggs and Ras Kass)
07. Champions (feat. Mobb Deep)
08. King Kong (feat. Self Scientific and Bun B)
09. Life As An Outlaw (feat. Eminem and Dr. Dre)
10. Hits For Hire (feat. Chace Infinite, B-Real & Snoop Dogg)
11. Unstoppable Threats (DJ Solo Remix) (feat. GZA, DJ Muggs, Prodigal Sunn & Masta Killa)
12. Live and Breath (feat. Self Scientific)
13. Give Me A Lift (feat. Chace Infinite, Phil Da Agony, Mitchy Slick)
14. Advanced Pawns (feat. GZA, DJ Muggs, Sen Dog, Raekwon & RZA)
15. What Life Would Be (feat. Rakim)
16. Interview Pt. II (feat. GZA)
17. Unprotected Pieces (feat. GZA, DJ Muggs)
18. Balance (feat. Self Scientific, Kombo)
19. Freestyle (feat. Evidence)
20. State of Grace (feat. Raekwon)
21. Beyond LA (feat. Cypress Hill)
22. Federal (feat. Mitchy Slick)
23. Outro (feat. DJ Muggs)

DJ Muggs - Intermission (2009)

01. Gangsta Shit (feat. Bun B & M1)
02. Gunshots (feat. Chace Infinite & Alchemist)
03. Call It Like I See It (feat. Chace Infinite & Krondon)
04. World We're In (feat. Cynic)
05. Matchbox (feat. Dust)
06. Let Go (My Life) (feat. Fashawn)
07. Do It (feat. La Coka Nostra)
08. Rep Yo Shit (feat. P.C.P. (Sick Jacken & Necro))
09. Like That Y'all (feat. Planet Asia)
10. Champions (Remix) (feat. Prodigy & Big Twins)
11. Meet Your Maker (feat. Reef The Lost Cause & Outer Space)
12. Intermission (feat. RZA, Rev. William Burk, Planet Asia & B-Real)
13. Good Evening Los Angeles (feat. Self Scientific)
14. Classical (feat. Sick Jacken & Evidence)
15. Figure It Out (feat. Xzibit, Young De & Mykestro)


DJ Muggs - Re-Intermission (2010)

01. Classical (Remix By DJ Swift) (feat. Sick Jacken & Evidence)
02. Gangsta Shit (Remix By Skinced) (feat. Bun B & M1)
03. Gunshots (Remix By DJ Swift) (feat. Chace Infinite & Alchemist)
04. Figure It Out (Remix By El Specialista) (feat. Young De, Xzibit & Mykestro)
05. Like That Yall (Remix By DJ Swift) (feat. Planet Asia)
06. Meet Your Maker (Remix By Skinced) (feat. Reef The Lost Cause & Outer Space)
07. Champions (Remix By DJ Swift) (feat. Prodigy & Big Twins)
08. Let Go (Remix By El Specialista) (feat. Fashawn)
09. Intermission (Remix By DJ Swift) (feat. RZA, Rev William Burk, Planet Asia & B-Real)
10. World We're In (Remix By El Specialista) (feat. Cynic)
11. Do It (Remix By DJ Swift) (feat. La Coka Nostra)
12. Rep Yo Shit (Remix By Skinced) (feat. P.C.P.)

DJ Muggs - Sound Clash Business EP (2012)

01 Dank (feat A$AP Rocky)
02 Sound Clash Business
03 Muggs Mood
04 Richter Scale (feat Chuck Inglish)
05 Bow

DJ Muggs - Sound Boy Killa (2012)

01 Soundboy Killa
02 Different ft. Sunny Cheeba
03 Sound Clash Business
04 People of the Earth
05 Cypress Hill - Stoned Raiders (6 Blocc Remix)
06 Drop the Beat

DJ Muggs - Rock The Bells Official Mixtape (2012)

01. Chasers feat. Supernatural
02. Y.N.M feat. Cassie Veggies, Niko, G4, Rocket Da Goon
03. Slash Gordon feat. Murs, Fashawn
04. Millinium Dodo 2 feat. Atmosphere
05. The Agony feat. Deltron 3030
06. Reckless in the Booth feat. Ice Cube, OMG
07. Street Hustle feat. Supernatural
08. These Bitches feat. Slim the Mobster, Twista
09. Platinum Patron feat. Xzibit
10. Lighters (First Light) feat. Hieroglyphics, Pep Love, Opio
11. Rock the Bells Anthem feat. KRS-One, Supernatural, Murs, Sick Jacken, Chali 2na, Tech N9ne Everlast
12. Blowin In The Wind (single from Man with the Iron Fist) feat Rza
13. Change feat. Prodigy of Mobb Deep
14. Haraam feat. Sean Price
15. Stand Up feat. Hit Squad, Goon Dox, PMD, Sean Strange
16. La La feat. Keith Murray
17. DMX - Get Your Money Up
18. Water feat. Supernatural
19. Fuck You Bitch feat. DMX
20. Paid Dues Anthem feat. Sick Jacken, Murs, Supernatural
21. Destination Unknown feat. The Grouch Eligh
22. Exist To Remain feat. I Self Devine
23. Work feat. Watsky

DJ Muggs - Bass For Your Face (2013)

01. Trap Assassin (feat. Freddie Gibbs)
02. Soundclash Business
03. Deep Purple
04. Shotta (feat. Rahzel) (Itchy Robot Remix)
05. Come On London (feat. Killa P)
06. Safe (feat. Belle Humble)
07. Absolem (feat. Roc Marciano)
08. Snap Ya Neck Back (feat. Dizzee Rascal and Bambu)
09. Unknown (feat. Romy Harmony)
10. Wikid (feat. Chuck D and Jared from HED PE)
11. Safe (feat. Belle Humble)

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